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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Common Myths: Choosing a Brand Name

Posted in Trademark
There are a number of intellectual property myths that attorneys hear over and over again.  Periodically, we’ll feature some of these myths and expose the reality.  Myth: My company can use a certain name for our business or product because we searched the internet and no one else has the same name.  Reality:  Trademark infringement can … Continue Reading

FTC/Facebook Settlement Reportedly Imminent

Posted in Internet, Privacy
According to The Wall Street Journal (article here) and The New York Times (article here), Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission are nearing a settlement related to privacy concerns that would require Facebook to obtain “express affirmative consent” before implementing “material retroactive changes” to user privacy settings, as well as submit to two decades of … Continue Reading

Renewal of Viacom/Time Warner Cable Dispute Over iPad Application Underscores the Import of Clarity in Digital Distribution Agreements

Posted in Copyright, Technology
After a several-month cease-fire, filings from both parties over the past month indicate that Viacom and Time Warner fully intend to litigate the issue of whether the parties’ contracts give Time Warner the right to stream Viacom programming over iPads and other devices. Viacom’s lawsuit stems from Time Warner’s iPad app, which allows Time Warner … Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes – A Legal Matter?

Posted in Entertainment
With Halloween over, you may have already hung up your Lady Gaga meat dress or put your Elvis jumpsuit in storage for the year.  Many Halloween costumes are inspired by famous people, whether it be political candidates, reality stars or iconic musicians and actors, without running afoul of right of publicity concerns.  Certainly, applying a … Continue Reading