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Sixth Circuit Affirms First Amendment Win for Movie/Soundtrack Defendants in Soul Men Lawsuit

Posted in Entertainment, First Amendment
The Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled in favor of a major motion picture studio, movie distributor and music company yesterday, affirming summary judgment in the decision Moore v. The Weinstein Company, LLC, et al. Waller is proud to have successfully represented the filmmakers in the matter. In affirming the decision by District … Continue Reading

The Makers of Two Widespread Internet Memes Sue to Enforce Their Copyrights

Posted in Copyright, Entertainment, Technology
In this day and age where an innocuous home video or the latest news story can explode into an internet phenomenon, game developers looking to cash in on the popularity of the latest memes need to carefully consider the potential copyright ramifications of using protected images without permission. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and 5th Cell, … Continue Reading

Defendants Prevail in Soul Men Lawsuit

Posted in Entertainment, First Amendment, News and Announcements, Trademark
Waller is pleased to report a win in the case Moore v. The Weinstein Company, LLC, et al.  Yesterday, a federal judge granted summary judgment to The Weinstein Company, LLC, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc., Genius Products, LLC, and Concord Music Group, Inc. in a trademark, publicity and false light lawsuit filed by soul singer Sam Moore … Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes – A Legal Matter?

Posted in Entertainment
With Halloween over, you may have already hung up your Lady Gaga meat dress or put your Elvis jumpsuit in storage for the year.  Many Halloween costumes are inspired by famous people, whether it be political candidates, reality stars or iconic musicians and actors, without running afoul of right of publicity concerns.  Certainly, applying a … Continue Reading

Two Upcoming First Amendment Decisions to Watch on the Supreme Court’s Fall Docket

Posted in Copyright, Entertainment, First Amendment
Though the talk of the Supreme Court’s current term will be the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Court’s fall docket includes several highly-anticipated First Amendment decisions.  The following two decisions  could prove definitive for the First Amendment legacy of the Roberts Court, which has been on balance rather media-friendly so … Continue Reading